How about the Dell P2319H? Is it worth buying?


This Dell (DELL) 23-inch micro-frame IPS wide-viewing angle full-screen filter blue-ray rotating lift business office entertainment computer desktop notebook monitor (P2319H) is indeed pretty good, and the workmanship is really delicate. This Dell P2319H is my own I just bought it not long ago. Appearance: The visual effect is really first-class, the frame is very narrow, and the silver lower frame and bracket look very comfortable, with a sense of metal and technology. It is enough, mainly for the convenience of multi-screen display and operation, not playing games, and not sensitive to size, but in fact, it is already very large visually, and the screen is very thin, and the color rendering effect is very good: the color rendering effect is also very good, see It is very comfortable to wear, and it is very comfortable with high-definition wallpaper. Other features: only support the adjustment of the screen tilt angle, and the range is not large.

Dell P2319H configuration parameters

Product name: Dell P2319H
Product number: 7815768
Product gross weight: 6.68kg
Product origin: Mainland China
Screen ratio: 16:9
Resolution: 1920×1080 (full HD)
Contrast ratio: 1000:1
Response time: 5ms
Panel: IPS (LGD panel )
After-sales service: 3-year warranty
Interface: DP, HDMI, VGA, USB expansion/charging
Features: Energy-saving certification, TUV eye-friendly certification, rotating lifting base, wall -mountable
Size: 23.5 inches-24 inches
Screen refresh rate: 60HZ

Conscience analysis Dell P2319H easy to use?  how is it?  How about telling the truth?  How is the quality?


Dell P2319H other netizens commented on the advantages and disadvantages details:

Color rendering effect: It feels the same as my previous tn Refresh rate: 144 is still good Game effect: Perfect size Very comfortable, playing games and watching TV is very enjoyable. The monitor purchased by the company is very clear, but the price is very unstable. Good, very good, it is good to learn from Feifei, earn a few Jingdong beans, the color is very positive, the performance is good, but there is indeed light leakage. Very good monitor, I like it very much, I am very satisfied with my first monitor. Although I don’t know what tn screen is, it looks really good. Very good, perfect screen, delicate workmanship, lifting bracket, hidden line design is very good


Conscience analysis Dell P2319H easy to use?  how is it?  How about telling the truth?  good or not?


The display is pretty good, the screen can be rotated, and the color can be much larger than that of a laptop screen. Watching movies is also very comfortable, but I mainly use it for playing games. It's very cool and praised. Inexpensive, stylish, easy to use, fast logistics, perfect shopping experience. The effect of the display is very good, the screen is super good, it is perfect to put in the bedroom, watching movies is very interesting, and it also meets the needs of work. I like this display very much. I also like the size of a 21.5 display with high cost performance. It has a built-in power supply and is well-made Very thin, supports hanging, not bad. Appearance: I like it very much, the color is very bright, and I received it the next day after placing the order, and the speed is very fast. 2k is pretty good, use it. The appearance is simple and elegant, the design is reasonable, and it feels a bit textured. very good!


Conscience analysis Dell P2319H easy to use?  how is it?  How about telling the truth?  Is it easy to use?


The display should be a cost-effective 144hz display, which is a qualitative leap compared to 60hz for csg. The quality is also very good. The display is very good. It took me a while to evaluate it. Playing games and watching videos does not tire my eyes. It is very refreshing. The field of view is wide and perfectly lit. My 1060 graphics card is equipped with 1080p. It is perfectly compatible, the definition is good, and the price is very high! Not bad, very big, very comfortable to look at, fast delivery, praise! ! ! ! Appearance: Good Size: Good Game Effect: Good Refresh Rate: Good Color Rendering Effect: Good Other Features: Good Very Good Color Rendering Effect: Good Refresh Rate: Very High Game Effect: Yes Features: I don’t know that the workmanship of Dell P2319H is very good, the texture of the stand is very good, the color of the screen is much better than that of the previous monitor, the monitor is also very thin and beautiful, the color rendering effect is good, it is very easy to use, and I am very satisfied.


Conscience analysis Dell P2319H easy to use?  how is it?  How about telling the truth?  What grade does it belong to?


Very satisfied with a shopping. 144hz screen is fine. The right size. In fact, I want to buy a 24.5 inch. But it's okay if you don't grab this. Logistics is invincible. The next day I arrived very nice, bright and blind, plus the bracket that I equipped, it has a cool appearance, large size, and the quality is very good. The color rendering effect is very good, the delivery is fast, and it arrived the next day. It is very good, it is worth recommending, and I will use it as soon as I receive the goods. The delivery is fast, and it is convenient and quick to use, praise! The previous monitor has been honorably retired. My friend recommended to buy Dell P2319H. My parents think it is very good. It looks good. , a circle larger than the original one, the picture quality is also very good, but there is no sound, it is very convenient to install, the 2K display effect is good, the desktop is too small, this size is just right


Dell P2319H activity reference details:

Dell (DELL) 23-inch micro-frame IPS wide viewing angle full-screen filter Blu-ray rotating lift business office entertainment computer desktop notebook monitor (P2319H) is now active, the price is affordable! It's a great value!

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