Internet Data Center Construction Solution

Internet Data Center Construction Solution

A data center is the technological hub of modern enterprise operations. The data center provides the critical IT infrastructure needed to deliver resources and services to business employees, partners and customers around the world.

Trends and Challenges of Building a Data Center

IDC - Internet data center, it is the combination of traditional data center and Internet. In addition to the characteristics of traditional data center, such as data concentration and reliable host operation, it should also have access methods Changes, 7x24 service, fast response, etc.

IDC is a base for providing resource outsourcing services. It should have a very good IT room environment, security guarantees, network bandwidth, the number of hosts and host performance, large storage data space, software environment and excellent service performance.

Internet Data Center Needs to Deploy Networking, Servers, Storages and More.

Internet Data Center Construction Solution
  • Network Construction

    IDC mainly relies on its high-performance network to provide services to its customers.

    IDC's network construction mainly includes:

    1, IDC AN construction, including its-AN infrastructure, -AN hierarchy, and -AN performance.

    2, IDC WAN construction, the construction of a wide area network that connects each branch of IDC.

    3, IDC user access system construction, how to ensure that IDC users transmit data to IDC's data center in a safe and reliable manner, or maintain the user's own equipment stored in IDC, which requires IDC to provide users with corresponding Access methods such as dial-up access, dedicated line access and VPN.

    4, The construction of the interconnection between IDC and Internet. IDC network management construction, because IDC network structure is quite large and complex, to ensure its network uninterrupted external services and high performance, a high-performance network management system must be provided.

  • Server Construction

    IDC server construction can be divided into multiple aspects, generally divided into basic service system servers and application service system servers, mainly including:

    1, Basic system server: This type of server is a prerequisite to ensure that IDC provides users with various services. Such servers include DNS servers, directory servers, network management servers, firewall servers, various security servers, IDC system performance monitoring servers, and so on.

    2, Database server: It is the basis to ensure that IDC can provide users with various application services. IDC database server must be able to support large-capacity access and multiple databases.

    3, Data backup server: It is one of IDC security services for customers to ensure the safety and reliability of customer data. Due to the wide variety of IDC servers and multiple databases, data backup must support multiple models, multiple data formats, etc., and have a large capacity.

    4, Application server: IDC provides users with related application services. Due to the expansion of IDC's business, the application server should have good scalability and support a large number of various application software.

    5, Server load balancing: This is one of the important methods for IDC to provide high-performance and high-reliability services. Server load balancing can be achieved by hardware equipment (such as network switching equipment) or software.

  • Storage System Construction

    The storage system is one of the key construction contents of IDC. As an IDC, its storage system is quite large, especially in the current enterprise, the data capacity has increased from GB to TB. Such a large amount of data requires a more secure and reliable storage system, because the number of accesses is also quite large, it also has high requirements on the efficiency of the storage system; and the storage system should have good scalability to meet the development needs of IDC.

    The construction goals to be achieved by the storage system are as follows:

    1, Complete data integration, establish the information infrastructure of the entire website, complete business processing efficiently on a unified information storage platform, connect all application systems to the adopted intelligent storage system platform, perform data integration, and integrate the entire website Data information will be located on a unified enterprise storage platform.

    2, Complete system management more effectively on the new information infrastructure, reduce the difficulty and workload of system management, and realize unified management and control of the enterprise storage platform from a single point.

    3, Using the new information infrastructure to maximize the sharing of information, information sharing can be completed quickly and effectively in the storage system platform without occupying network resources.

    4, Improve information accessibility and access speed. All data tape backup tasks can be completed by using local disk mirroring data through the backup machine, which effectively reduces the backup window requirements of the production system and greatly extends the online service time of the production system.

  • Software System Construction

    The construction of the software system is an aspect where IDC needs a lot of investment. It is a means for IDC to develop external services on the basis of the previous network, server and storage system construction.

    IDC's software construction mainly includes:

    1, Web system: IDC is one of the content of Web-Hosting services. The Web system software should support the establishment of Web system functions for multiple enterprises on one system.

    2, E-mail system: The e-mail system should support multiple e-mail protocols, such as SMTP, POP3, IMAP4, Web-Mai- and Voice-Mai-, etc., and the e-mail system should have good scalability.

    3, Security system: such as firewall software, anti-hacking, anti-virus software, etc. This is a prerequisite to ensure that IDC provides users with a secure server.

    4, Data backup software: Support multiple backup devices, multiple manufacturers' machines, multiple databases, etc.

    5, Application development system: IDC should provide corresponding development system platform and corresponding development tools to meet the needs of users or IDC to develop corresponding applications.

  • IDC Service System Construction

    IDC relies on its high-quality services to occupy the market and win customers. In order to achieve high-quality and efficient services, IDC must also invest a lot in the construction of its own server system.

    IDC's own service system mainly includes:

    1, Customer Relationship Management System (CRM): CRM is a basic service system for IDC to establish a good relationship with customers. It provides IDC with the development of users and new needs of users.

    2, Billing system: The billing system is the guarantee of IDC revenue.

    3, Network and server management system: IDC has a huge network and server system. To manage these systems, you must have a powerful network, server and application management system, which can ensure IDC's external service quality.

    4, IDC internal management system: to ensure that the various departments within IDC can coordinate their work and complete high-quality services.

  • IT Room Site Construction

    The construction of the computer room site is the largest part of IDC's initial construction investment. Because IDC users may store their important data and applications in the IDC computer room, the requirements for the IDC computer room environment are very high.

    IDC IT room site construction is mainly in the following aspects:

    1, Computer room decoration: The computer room decoration mainly considers suspended ceilings, partition walls, doors and windows, walls and raised floors.

    2, Power supply system: The power supply system is one of the key points of IDC's site construction. Since a large number of IDC equipment requires a great deal of power, the reliability and scalability of the power supply system are extremely important. The power supply system construction mainly includes: power supply, UPS construction (n+1), power distribution cabinets, wires, sockets, lighting systems, grounding systems, lightning protection and self-generation systems, etc.

    3, Air conditioning system: the temperature, ventilation method and air environment of the computer room.

    4, Security system: access control system, fire protection system and monitoring system.

    5, Wiring system: The computer room should have a complete integrated wiring system, which includes data wiring, voice wiring, and terminal wiring.

    6, Communication system: including data line bandwidth, number of voice lines, etc.

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