The latest hot searches for Dell laptops


As the search heat for Dell laptops continues to increase, the Dell Latitude 5420 Laptop is the most popular. Because this 14-inch business laptop is made with bioplastic from trees and features the built-in AI of Dell Optimizer. Its arrival not only improves the efficiency of work, but also realizes contactless wake-up and lock based on the ExpressSign-in smart sensing login function.

The latest hot searches for Dell laptops

Dell Technologies Changes Lives

1. Proximity sensor with built-in Intel® Sensing Technology allows you to get to work faster. It detects the user's presence via an infrared camera and Windows Hello to instantly wake up the computer and log in instantly, completely free from human control.

2. Dell Optimizer Dell Smart Tuning software can change battery settings to improve battery life performance by adapting to your work mode. ExpressCharge Boost charges up to 35% in about 20 minutes, or up to 80% in an hour with ExpressCharge.

3. Stay connected anytime with up to 450 Mbps LTE mobile broadband speeds. Wi-Fi 6E supports 7 additional channels (in the 6 GHz band) for a faster and smoother surfing experience.

4. The display is equipped with 4-sided narrow bezel and anti-glare function, this solution not only reduces harmful blue light, but also delivers excellent color.

5. Dell's unique dual-air outlet fan is compact in size and provides excellent heat dissipation. Side-to-side ventilation increases cooling efficiency and maximizes ventilation, resulting in faster system response times, longer battery life, and reduced operating noise.

6. Dell Technologies Unified Workspace is the gold standard for modernizing endpoint environments and delivering an optimized end-user experience.

In fact, although the Dell Latitude 5420 Laptop is not positioned as a gaming notebook, its business features are unmatched by other notebooks.

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