What is the difference between a server and a normal computer or PC?


As far as most of the servers currently on the market are based on the X86 architecture, they are all composed of motherboards, CPUs, memory, hard disks and other accessories. In this respect, they are no different from ordinary computers. So what is the difference?

1. The computer is mainly used for personal simple applications and home entertainment, so it pays more attention to performance. The most important thing about a server is not high speed and high performance, but high stability, that is, the ability to run correctly for a long time.

2. A server is a device that provides computing services. Since the server needs to respond to and process service requests, generally speaking, the server should have the ability to undertake and guarantee services. The composition of the server includes processors, hard disks, memory, system buses, etc., which are similar to general-purpose computer architectures, but due to the need to provide highly reliable services, processing power, stability, reliability, security, scalability, scalability Management requirements are high.

3. The computer refers to the main body part of the computer except the input and output devices. It is also the control box (container Mainframe) for placing the main board and other main components. Usually includes CPU, memory, hard disk, optical drive, power supply, and other input and output controllers and interfaces. From this, we can also see that the server is not only different from the home computer in use, but also very different in the purchase of products.

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