Oculink SFF8611 TO Oculink SFF8611 Cable

    Oculink SFF8611 4i to SFF8611 4i SAS Cable

    OCuLink PCIe SFF-8611 4i to OCuLink SFF-8611 SSD Data Active Cable.



    OCuLink PCIe SF-8611 cable for connecting servers, data storages, desktops and more. Use this cable to connect internal devices such as a backplane with an SFF-8611 connector to a controller with an SFF-8611 connector. 


    • Max Data Speed:  8Gbps
    • Lock to Mating Part - with Active Latch
    • Length:  80cm
    • Applications: Data/Communications for RAID (Redundant Array of
    • Independent Disks), Workstations, Rack-mount Servers, Servers, Storage Racks
    • Data transfer rate up to 8 Gb/s & meets OCuLink specifications
      Connectors :  SFF-8611 male x 2
    • System requirements:  A free OCuLink interface

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