Mini SAS HD

    Internal Mini SAS HD SFF 8643 to SFF 8643 Cable

    Internal Mini SAS HD Cable SFF 8643 to SFF 8643, Mini SAS Cables with Sideband, Support up to 4-Ports (4 Lanes) of SAS Data, Work with Server, Raid Card and PCI Express Controller.



    As the newest member of Serial Attached SCSI, the Internal Mini SAS HD offers 4-channel data transfer,each channel is capable of transmitting data at 12Gbps, enabling a 48Gbps total data rate of  within 1 meters

    Compliant with performance requirements of SAS2.1 and SAS3.0. Flexible cable design allows cables to be flexibly wired within the device.


    Product Features:


    • 4-lane 12Gbps data rate, 48Gbps total data rate
    • Meets SFF-8643/SAS 2.1 and SAS 3.0 specifications
    • Compatible with PCIe Gen 3
    • IEEE802.3BA compliant and Infiniband QDR compliant
    • Cable assembly up to 1 meter
    • RoHS compliant




    • Storage device
    • Large server
    • Data center server
    • Smart cloud server

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