Internal SlimSAS SFF-8654 to SFF-8654 8i Cable

    Internal LP Slim SAS SFF-8654 8i to SFF-8654 8i Cable

    24G Internal Slim SAS SFF-8654 to SFF-8654 8i Cable, SAS 4.0, 85-ohm, 32AWG, straight types cable plug, male to male.



    SlimSAS LP cables and connectors support the latest industry standards, including SAS 3.0 / 4.0, PCIe Gen 3 / Gen 4, 56GT/s PAM-4, and 25G Ethernet. This makes them ideal for use in a wide range of applications, including data centres, networking, and telecommunications.


    • SlimSAS SFF-8654 to SFF-8654 cable, 8i configurations, supports data rates up to 24Gbps, 100 Ohm impedance, 32AWG, (11#) straight types cable plug.
    • Designed for unshielded, internal I/O connectors. High density 74pin offers superior signal integrity performance.
    • Compliant with T10/ Serial Attached SCSI (SAS-4) standard, extended to support SAS 4.0. Applicable for servers/ PC, data storage, workstation, datacenter, devices.
    • Ribbon cable interface and assembly options provide low profiles and design flexibility.


    LP SlimSAS (SFF8654 8i) TO LP SlimSAS (SFF8654 8i)

    Features and Benefits

    1.Compacter size than other connectors
    2.Data speed:16+Gbps
    3.Support SAS4.0,PCIe Gen4,PCIe Gen5 and UPI1.0 


    LP SlimSAS (SFF8654 8i) TO LP SlimSAS (SFF8654 8i)


    3. Base station
    4.High end server

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