SlimSAS SFF8654 8i TO 2*Mini SAS SFF8087

    Slim SAS 4.0 SFF-8654 8i to 2* SFF-8087 Mini SAS Cable

    SlimSAS 4.0 SFF-8654 8i 74pin to Dual SFF-8087 36pin Mini SAS Cable, 85-ohm, 32AWG.



    This cable can be used to connect internal devices, e.g. a backplane with Slim Line 8654 74 pin connector to a controller with SFF-8087 36 Pin connector.

    • Ultraport Slimline 8i 74Pos Cable Assembly
    • Length:  50cm/ 80cm
    • Connector 1:  Slimline SFF-8654 8i 74pin
    • Connector 2:  Dual SFF-8087 Mini SAS
    • Type of connector:  Male-to-Female 
    • Applications:  Servers,Data Storage,Workstation

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