SlimSAS SFF8654 8i TO 2*Mini SAS SFF8087

    Slim SAS 4.0 SFF-8654 8i to 2* SFF-8087 Mini SAS Cable

    SlimSAS 4.0 SFF-8654 8i 74pin to Dual SFF-8087 36pin Mini SAS Cable, 85-ohm, 32AWG.



    This cable can be used to connect internal devices, e.g. a backplane with Slim Line 8654 74 pin connector to a controller with SFF-8087 36 Pin connector.

    • Ultraport Slimline 8i 74Pos Cable Assembly
    • Length:  50cm/ 80cm
    • Connector 1:  Slimline SFF-8654 8i 74pin
    • Connector 2:  Dual SFF-8087 Mini SAS
    • Type of connector:  Male-to-Female 


    SlimSAS (SFF8654 8i) TO 2Mini sas (SFF8087)

    Features and advantages

    1.Smaller size connectors and cables save equipment space
    2.Provide 8-channel signal transmission according to industry standards
    3.Data speed: each channel supports UPI 11.2GT/s, SAS4.0 24Gbps, OpenCAPI 25Gbps and PCIe 4.0 16Gbps
    4.Comply with SAS4.0 and SlimSAS SFF-8654 specifications

    Mechanical behavior

    1.Combining force: 55.5N max
    2.Releasing force: 49N max
    3.Rated durability period: at least 250 cycles

    Electrical performance

    1.Voltage: 30VDC per contact SlimSAS 8i plug: maximum 80mohm initial, maximum 20mohm after pressure test.
    2.Dielectric withstand voltage: minimum 300 VDC, lasting 100 ms
    3.Insulation resistance: the minimum value between adjacent pins is 10MΩ

     Signal integrity

    1.Impedance of mating connector: 100 +/- 10% ohm
    2.Common mode impedance: in line with SAS4.0 specifications
    3.Insertion loss: in line with SAS4.0 specification,
    4.Maximum crosstalk: in line with SAS4.0 specifications

    Environmental compliance

    Comply with RoHS2.0 standard
    China RoHS: Yes
    Reach SVHC: Yes

    Application Field

    2.Data storage

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