‌SlimSAS 8i S‌FF-8654 to 2 X SlimSAS 4i Cable

    Slim SAS 74pin 8i sff-8654 to 2*sff-8654 4i Straight Plug Cable

    Slim SAS 8i 74pin Plug (SFF-8654) to two SlimSAS 4i 38pin (SFF-8654) Cable, SAS 4.0, 85-ohm, 32AWG, straight types cable plug, male to male.



    The Slimline SAS (SFF-8654) 8i to Slimline SAS (SFF-8654) 4i 2-Port Y-Cable is designed to connect an 8-lane host to two 4-lane devices using the latest PCIe Gen 3 technology for optimal performance.

    With a cable length of 50cm, this Y-cable allows for easy installation and organization in your computer setup.

    The slimline SAS connectors are designed to save space and provide a sleek look while still maintaining the high data transfer rates required for demanding applications.

    With a cable length of 1 meter, this solution is perfect for a wide range of applications and makes upgrading your equipment easy.


    Slim SAS SFF-8654 8i to 2SFF-8654 4i



    • Application:    High speed storage
    • Connector:  1.74Pin PCB  to 2.38Pin PCB*2
    • Wire:   32 AWG*1P+2EAM, UL20744 85Ω 12G
    • Color:    Grey or black
    • Customization:    OEM/ODM

    Slim SAS SFF-8654 8i to 2SFF-8654 4i

    Application field

    2.Data storage

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