Front view of the system of Dell PowerEdge R650xs


Do you know the  front view of the systemof Dell PowerEdge R650xs? Here we provide you with the front view of the system overview of the Dell EMC PowerEdge R650xs. We will introduce you in detail in the form of pictures and tables. After reading this article,you will have a whole hearted understanding of the Dell EMC PowerEdge R650xs.

Figure 1. Front view of 4 x 3.5-inch drive system

 Front view of 4 x 3.5-inch drive system

Table 1. Features available on the front of the system

1 Left control panel N/A

Contains the system health, system ID, status LED, and the iDRAC Quick Sync 2 (wireless) indicator.

  • Status LED: Enables you to identify any failed hardware components. There are up to five status LEDs and an overall system health LED (Chassis health and system ID) bar. For more information, see the Status LED indicators section.
  • Quick Sync 2 (wireless): Indicates a Quick Sync enabled system. The Quick Sync feature is optional. This feature allows management of the system by using mobile devices called as OpenManage Mobile (OMM) feature. Using iDRAC Quick Sync 2 with OpenManage Mobile (OMM) aggregates hardware or firmware inventory and various system level diagnostic and error information that can be used in troubleshooting the system.
2 Optical drive (optional) N/A One optional slim SATA DVD-ROM drive or DVD+/-RW drive.
3 VGA port Enables you to connect a display device to the system.
4 Right control panel N/A Contains the power button, USB port, iDRAC Direct micro port, and the iDRAC Direct status LED.
5 Information tag The Information tag is a slide-out label panel that contains system information such as Service Tag, NIC, MAC address, and so on. If you have opted for the secure default access to iDRAC, the Information tag also contains the iDRAC secure default password.
6 Drive N/A Enables you to install drives that are supported on your system.
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