Does constant charging affect laptop battery life?


Does leaving the laptop plugged in all the time affect battery life? Will the battery wear out faster if it is charged and discharged at the same time?


When the laptop is in use, there are three states: the laptop is plugged in when it is fully charged, the notebook is fully powered by the battery, and the notebook is plugged in when it is not fully charged. Let's take a look at how the laptop's battery works under these circumstances.


Let me talk about the first one first. When the battery is fully charged, when we use the charger to connect and run, the power used is output from the power strip and will not pass through the built-in battery of the computer, so it has no effect on the battery.


When will it affect the battery?

The biggest enemy of battery life is actually charging and discharging aging. Lithium-ion batteries are basically used in laptops now. Through charging and discharging, the battery will gradually wear out.


The relevant standards of the battery are calculated based on the charging cycle. A charging cycle refers to the completion of a 100% discharge/charge process. For example, you use 50% of the battery for the first time, and then use 30% after fully charging, then plug in and fully charge, and finally use 20% of the battery, and complete a battery charging cycle after fully charging. Generally, laptop batteries can support more than 500 charging cycles.


The second power consumption situation, when the notebook is fully powered by the battery, the battery participates in the power supply, and the use will be included in the battery charging cycle. At this time, the battery is depleted.


The third kind of power consumption situation, what will happen if you continue to use the computer after unplugging it for a period of time, then plug it in again? The computer will still use external power for power supply, so it will not lose more power while "charging and playing" like a mobile phone. It's just that the external power supply is also charging the battery while supplying power to the computer. This charging process is also considered a loss of the battery.


From the perspective of performance, hardware and battery, we can easily know that whether it is a new computer or an old computer, it is best to use the charger to run the computer and keep it plugged in as much as possible. This will not only prolong the battery life, but also increase the use time of the computer.

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