Dell EMC PowerEdge R450 1U Server

    Dell EMC PowerEdge R450 1U Server

    The Dell EMC PowerEdge R450, with 3rd generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, offers exceptional value and density with excellent performance.


    The Dell™ PowerEdge™ R450 is Dell's latest 2-socket, 1 U rack servers designed to run complex workloads using highly scalable memory, I/O, and network options . The systems feature 3rd Generation Intel® Xeon® Processor Scalable Family , up to 16 DIMMs, PCI Express® (PCIe) 4.0 enabled expansion slots, and a choice of network interface technologies to cover NIC. The R450 is a general-purpose platform capable of handling demanding workloads and applications, such as data warehouses, ecommerce, databases, and high-performance computing (HPC) .

    The target workloads for the PowerEdge R450 include light duty virtualization, small IT infrastructure, and small business specific workloads .


    Chassis views and features

    Front view of 4 x 3 .5-inch drive system

    Dell EMC PowerEdge R450 1U Server Front view


    Front view of 8 x 2 .5-inch drive system

    Dell EMC PowerEdge R450 1U Server Front view


    Rear view of the system

    Rear view of Dell EMC PowerEdge R450 1U Server


    Inside the system

    Inside the system of Dell EMC PowerEdge R450 1U Server

    Inside the system


    1.   Fan

    2.  Cable retention latch

    3.   Intrusion switch

    4.   Power interposer board

    5.  Memory module slots

    6.  Riser 2c

    7.   PSU 1 and PSU 2

    8.   BOSS riser

    9.  OCP

    10. Riser 1

    11.  Heat sink

    12. System board

    13. Air shroud

    14. Drive backplane

    15. Backplane cover

    16. Information tag

    New technologies


    Detailed Description

    3rd Generation Intel® Xeon® Processor

    Core count: Up to 24 per processor supported on R450

    UPI speed: Up to 3x UPIs/Socket at 10.4 GT/s or 11.2 GT/s

    Maximum number of PCIe lanes: Integrated 64 PCIe 4.0 lanes @ 16 GT/s PCIe Gen4

    Maximum TDP: 185 W

    3200 MT/s DDR4 Memory

    NOTE: Maximum memory speed depends on the processor specification . See Supported Processors table for the processor type and the supported memory speed .

    Maximum 8 DIMMs per processor and 16 DIMMs in total

    Supports DDR4 ECC RDIMM, with ECC up to 2933 MT/s on R450 as the memory speed depends on the processor supported by the system .

    Flex IO

    LOM, 2x 1 Gb with BCM5720 LAN controller

    Rear IO with 1 Gb Dedicated Management Network Port, USB 3.0 x1, USB 2.0 x1 and VGA port

    Serial port option

    OCP Mezz 3.0 (supported by x16 PCIe lanes)

    Dedicated PERC

    Front storage module PERC with front PERC 10.5 and PERC


    Software RAID

    OS RAID/S150

    Power Supplies

    60 mm dimension is the new PSU form factor on 15G design

    ●   600 W Platinum 100 – 240 VAC/ 240 VDC

    ●   700 W Titanium 200 – 240 VAC/240 VDC

    ●   800 W Platinum 100 – 240 VAC/ 240 VDC

    ●   1100 W Titanium 100 – 240 VAC/ 240 VDC

    ●   1100 W DC - (48 - 60) V

    System features and generational comparison

    The following table shows the comparison between the PowerEdge R450 with the PowerEdge R440.

    Features compared to previous version


    PowerEdge R450

    PowerEdge R440


    Up to two 3rd Generation Intel Xeon     Scalable processors with up to 24 cores per processor

    2nd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processor Family

    Processor Interconnect

    Intel Ultra Path Interconnect  (Intel UPIx3)

    Intel Ultra Path Interconnect  (Intel UPI)




    Storage Drives

    Up to 4 x 3 .5-inch SAS/SATA (HDD/ SSD) max 64 TB

    Up to 8 x 2 .5-inch SAS/SATA (HDD/ SSD) max 61.44 TB

    Up to 10 x 2 .5" SAS/SATA (HDD/SSD) with up to 4 NVMe SSD max 76.8 TB or

    Up to 4 x 3.5 SAS/SATA HDD max 64


    Storage Controllers

    Internal controllers: PERC H355, PERC H345, PERC H745, PERC H755,           HBA355i, S150

    Internal Boot: Internal Dual SD Module or Boot Optimized Storage Subsystem (BOSS-S1): HWRAID 2 x M .2 SSDs or USB

    External PERC (RAID): PERC H840, HBA355e

    Internal Controllers: PERC H330, H730P, H740P, HBA330

    External Controllers: H840, 12 Gbps SAS HBA                                                          Software RAID:S140                                 Boot Optimized Storage Subsystem

    (BOSS):HWRAID 2 x M .2 SSDs 240GB, 480GB Internal Dual SD Module

    PCIe Slots

    2 x PCIe Gen4 slots

    2 x PCIe Gen3 (x16/x16)

    Embedded NIC (LOM)

    2 x 1GbE

    2 x 1GbE + OCP riser: LRC 2 x 1GbE or 2 x 10GbE

    Networking options (OCP 3 .0)

    OCP3 x16 Gen4

    OCP2 x16 Gen3

    I/O Ports

    Front ports:

    ●   1 x iDRAC Direct (Micro-AB USB) port

    ●   1 x USB 2.0

    ●   1x VGA

    Rear ports:

    ●   1 x USB 2.0

    ●   1 x Serial (optional)

    ●   1 x USB 3.0

    ●   2 x Ethernet

    ●   1 x VGA

    ●   1 x Dedicated iDRAC network port Internal Port: 1 x USB 3.0 (optional)

    Front ports:

    ●   1 x iDRAC Direct (Micro-AB USB) port

    ●   1 x USB 2.0

    ●   1x VGA

    Rear ports:

    ●   1 x USB 2.0

    ●   1 x Serial (optional)

    ●   2 x USB 3.0

    ●   1 x Dedicated iDRAC network port

    ●   Up to 2 x PCIe Gen 3 slots all x16

    Rack Height



    Power Supplies

    1100 W DC / -48 – (-60) V

    1100 W Titanium 100 – 240 VAC/ 240 VDC

    800 W Platinum 100 – 240 VAC/ 240 VDC

    700 W Titanium 200 – 240 VAC/240 VDC

    600 W Platinum 100 – 240 VAC/ 240 VDC

    Bronze 450W (Cabled PSU)

    Platinum 550W (Hot plug PSU with full redundancy option)

    System Management


    iDRAC Direct

    iDRAC Service Module

    Quick Sync 2 wireless module


    iDRAC9 Direct

    iDRAC REST API with Redfish        Quick Sync 2 BLE/wireless module

    Internal GPU

    No GPU support

    No GPU support


    Hot-plug Drives

    Hot-plug Redundant Power Supplies IDSDM

    Hot-plug Drives

    Hot-plug Redundant Power Supplies IDSDM

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