Why select Skywardtel?


Skywardtel was established in 2009, mainly engaged in various brands of workstations, servers, graphics cards, hard drives and other computer peripheral accessories. It mainly provides good IT solutions for enterprises or small and medium-sized enterprises.

The cause of the epidemic has led to insufficient chip production capacity, and the instability of various sources of supply has brought a crisis to the market. Skyward has developed based on China's "flower city", and has sufficient computer peripheral accessories, not only to provide original quality assurance, but also to provide ultra-fast logistics services. Based on user needs, OEM is available. For long-term cooperation, the minimum order quantity and ex-factory price are our service tenet, and the codes of various accessories can be checked and queried in the associated brand.

After more than 10 years of development, Skywardtel has been recognized by more than 30 countries. Strict market standards and international certification are our goals, your satisfaction is our driving force, and honest cooperation is our original intention!

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