What is GPU and the difference between cpu and gpu


A GPU is a microprocessor that specializes in image and graphics-related computing work on personal computers, workstations, game consoles, and some mobile devices.

The GPU reduces the graphics card's dependence on the CPU and performs some of the original CPU work, especially in 3D graphics processing. The core technologies used by the GPU include hardware T&L (geometric transformation and lighting processing), cubic environment material map and vertex blending , texture compression and bump mapping , dual-texture four-pixel 256-bit rendering engine, etc., and hardware T&L technology can be said to be a sign of GPU.


The difference between cpu and gpu:
1. Multi-core processing difference: GPU has more cores, such as NVIDIA's GTX980Ti has 2880 cores, while CPU has only a few cores, such as Intel's i7-6700K only has 4 cores, but the computing power of each core of the GPU It is lower than the computing power of each core of the CPU.

2. The difference between serial processing: CPU uses serial processing technology, which can be given more instructions to run, thereby processing data faster, while GPU uses parallel processing technology, which can run multiple threads to process data at the same time, thus Complete tasks faster.

3. Storage difference: CPU uses cache to store data, but GPU does not have cache, but GPU has larger memory capacity and can store more data.

4. Power consumption difference: The power consumption of CPU is higher than that of GPU. The power consumption of CPU is usually higher than that of GPU. The power consumption of CPU is generally 95W, while the power consumption of GPU is generally only 40-50W.

5. Difference in heat dissipation area: The heat dissipation area of GPU is larger than that of CPU. For example, the heat dissipation area of GTX1080T is 314 square millimeters, while the heat dissipation area of intel Corei7-6700K is 97 square millimeters.


6. Size difference: The size of the CPU is generally smaller than that of the GPU. The CPU is an external component, while the GPU is a built-in component. The CPU is very small and can be placed on the motherboard of the computer, while the GPU is very large. Usually placed on the graphics card.

7. Differences in application fields: CPU is generally used to execute systems and application programs, while GPU is generally used to render graphics and images. CPU is more suitable for running complex data processing and logical operations, while GPU is more suitable for running a large number of simple mathematical calculations. such as computer vision and deep learning.

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