The difference between discrete graphics card and integrated graphics card


The biggest difference between integrated and independent is the problem of shared memory. Integrated graphics cards occupy the capacity of physical memory.

graphics card

For example, if you use DDR2 512M memory with an integrated graphics card, there will be no 512M when you view it on the computer because it is used by the graphics card. Yes, not all integration is bad. It depends on when it was released. For example, ATI's X1300 integrated graphics card is okay. If it is MX level, let's not talk about it.


The graphics card is a special device in the computer responsible for processing image signals. The graphics displayed on the monitor are generated by the graphics card and sent to the monitor. Therefore, the performance of the graphics card determines the display effect of the machine.Graphics cards are divided into integrated graphics cards integrated with the mainboard and discrete graphics cards. The products using integrated graphics cards and discrete graphics cards account for about half of the branded machines. In the low-end products, more integrated graphics cards are used. In the mid-to-high-end market More often, independent graphics cards are used.


An independent graphics card means that the graphics card exists as an independent board and needs to be plugged into the AGP interface of the motherboard. An independent graphics card has a separate graphics card and does not occupy system memory. It is also technically ahead of the integrated graphics card and can provide better display effects and operation. performance;The integrated graphics card integrates the display chip into the chipset of the motherboard, which is more advantageous in terms of price, but it does not have video memory and needs to occupy system memory (the capacity can be adjusted). The performance is relatively large.


The display chip is the core chip of the graphics card. It is responsible for processing video data in the system memory. It determines the level and performance of the graphics card. Different display chips have great differences in terms of internal structure design and performance.The position of the display chip in the graphics card is equivalent to the status of the CPU in the computer, and it is the core of the entire graphics card. The display chips currently used in brand machines mainly include:(Independent graphics card) Nvidia's Geforce2 MX400, Geforced MX440, Geforced4 MX400, Geforce FX5200, Geforce FX5200U, Geforce4 FX5600, ATI's Radeon92200SE, Radeon9200, Radeon9600, etc;Integrated graphics cards include 845G series, 865G, nForce2-G and other chipsets, and the performance varies greatly. Among the graphics cards used in current brand machines, integrated graphics cards and MX400, MX440, and MX4000 are all graphics cards with limited performance. They can be better pointed out for ordinary applications and general 3D games:FX5200, FX5200U, Radeon9200SE, and Radeon9200 are relatively terminal graphics cards that support DX9.0 and can provide good display effects, but their performance is not much different from low-end products. It is also more difficult to run new 3D games; and FX5600 , FX5700, Radeon9600, etc. are high-end graphics cards with outstanding display effects and performance, but products using such graphics cards generally have higher prices.

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