Rails and cable management information of R660


The rail offerings for the PowerEdge R660 consist of two general types: sliding and static . The cable management offerings consist of an optional cable management arm (CMA) and an optional strain relief bar (SRB) .

See the Dell Technologies Enterprise Systems Rail Sizing and Rack Compatibility Matrix available at https://i.dell.com/sites/ csdocuments/Business_solutions_engineering-Docs_Documents/en/rail-rack-matrix.pdf for information regarding:


● Specific details about rail types.

● Rail adjustability ranges for various rack mounting flange types .

● Rail depth with and without cable management accessories .

● Rack types that are supported for various rack mounting flange types . Key factors governing proper rail selection include the following

● Spacing between the front and rear mounting flanges of the rack.

● Type and location of any equipment that is mounted in the back of the rack such as power distribution units (PDUs) .

● Overall depth of the rack


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