Rack Installation about R660


PowerEdge R660 of Rack Installation Drop-in design means that the system is installed vertically into the rails by inserting the standoffs on the sides of the system into the J-slots in the inner rail members with the rails in the fully extended position . The recommended method of installation is to first insert the rear standoffs on the system into the rear J-slots on the rails to free up a hand and then rotate the system down into the remaining J-slots while using the free hand to hold the rail against the side of the system . Stab-in design means that the inner (chassis) rail members must first be attached to the sides of the system and then inserted into the outer (cabinet) members installed in the rack.

Installing system into the rack (option A: Drop-In)

  1. Pull the inner rails out of the rack until they lock into place.


  1. Locate the rear rail standoff on each side of the system and lower them into the rear J-slots on the slide assemblies.
  2. 3.Rotatethe system downward until all the rail standoffs are seated in the J-slots.


  1. Pushthe system inward until the lock levers click into place .
  2. Pullthe blue side release lock tabs forward or backward on both rails and slide the system into the rack until the system is in the rack.
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