PowerVault ME5 Comprehensive Enterprise-grade Features


PowerVault ME5 storage arrays provide the software you need to store, manage and protect your data.


ADAPT (Distributed RAID): Improved data protection for faster drive rebuilds
Thin provisioning: Allocate and use physical storage capacity in disk pools as needed
Snapshots: Easily restore data with point-in-time copies
Replication: Replicate data to any global location and PowerVault ME storage system
Volume Replication: Enables seamless volume relocation and disk-based backup and recovery
SSD Read Cache: Improve application execution speed by caching previously read data
Level 3 Auto-Tiering: Optimize data performance and reduce costs
Virtualization integration: Integrate ME5 arrays with VMware vSphere, vCenter SRM and Microsoft Hyper-V Optimized for SAN and DAS.


PowerVault ME5 is purpose-built and optimized for SAN and DAS workloads. Connect PowerVault ME5 to Dell PowerEdge servers to solve server capacity expansion challenges, or connect it to a SAN for flexibility and scalability, ensuring business applications always have fast and reliable access to data without compromising performance.


Connect directly to Dell PowerEdge servers
Consolidate SAN storage
Protect your data
Keep your valuable information safe with these PowerVault ME5 features:


Replication: Replicate data to any global location, supporting mirroring and thin provisioning pools.
Snapshots: Utilizing point-in-time copies of your data, accidentally deleted or changed files can be easily recovered.
Virtual Disk Copy (VDC): Enables fast, seamless virtual disk migration and disk-based backup and recovery with full replication of source data.
Self-Encrypting Drives (SED): With drive-level encryption, data cannot be used by unauthorized users even after the drive has been removed from the enclosure.

Higher performance and larger capacity


PowerVault ME5 features faster Intel® Xeon® processors, dual-active controllers, and a powerful operating environment to deliver:

Up to 640K IOPs performance
12 GB/s sequential read and 10 GB/s sequential write throughput
Up to 6.0 PB capacity
12Gb SAS backend for rapid capacity expansion
ME5 firmware supports up to 8 PB, demonstrating higher drive capacity
PowerVault ME5 is easy to navigate and configure, and can be easily provisioned and managed from anywhere via an intelligent, web-based HTML5 GUI. PowerVault Manager also helps alert you to problem identification, allowing you to identify and resolve problems faster.

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