Is the Oculink cable suitable for long-distance transmission?



Oculink cables are a new type of high-speed data transmission cable whose main purpose is to provide high-speed data transmission speed for VR devices and other high-performance computer devices. the transmission speed of Oculink cables is very fast, up to 40Gb/s or higher, so they are widely used in some scenarios where data transmission speed is strictly required. However, for long distance transmission, the suitability of Oculink cables for this application still needs to be explored.

First, it should be noted that the Oculink cable is not a universal cable, it is only suitable for data transmission between specific devices. At the same time, Oculink cable is not a long distance data transmission cable, its scope of application is mainly in the short distance for high-speed data transmission, such as in the same chassis or between the chassis in close proximity to the data transmission. Therefore, if we need to transfer data over long distances, using Oculink cables is not a wise choice.

Secondly, the Oculink connection line has certain limitations that require the use of specific interfaces and sockets. This means that if we need to do long distance transmission, we need to configure more interfaces and sockets accordingly, which will increase the cost and complexity. In addition, when transmitting over long distances, if we need to extend the transmission distance, we need to use some extension devices, which will also increase the cost and complexity. Therefore, from the point of view of cost and adaptability, using Oculink connection line is not an ideal choice.

Then, from the technical point of view, the Oculink cable has a very fast transmission speed, but it has a very short transmission distance. This is mainly because the signal quality of the Oculink cable is subject to a lot of interference and attenuation over long distances, which leads to distortion and an increase in BER. Therefore, if we need to transmit over long distances, we need to use other transmission lines to ensure the stability and reliability of the transmission.

In short, Oculink connection lines are suitable for high-speed data transmission over short distances, but they are not an ideal choice for long-distance transmission. When choosing a transmission line, we need to select it according to the actual application scenarios and needs to ensure the stability and reliability of data transmission.

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