Introduction of 6 Major Functions of FortiGate 200E Firewall


Fortinet is an innovator and pioneer in multi layer threat defense systems. The system provides optimal security, excellent performance and low total cost of ownership for business communications.


This Fortinet FortiGate 200E firewall can provide next-generation firewall functions for large and medium-sized enterprises, and prevent network threats through the high performance, security delivery performance and deep visualization provided by the security processor. Can be flexibly deployed in parks or enterprise branches.


FortiGate 200E firewall function:


1.High-performance threat detection and defense. After testing, the FortiGate 200E firewall's threat defense and SSL detection performance can prevent malware attacks hidden in encrypted traffic9.

2 Safety and effectiveness independently certified by a third party. After independent certification and continuous threat intelligence updates, FortiGate 200E firewall provides strong protection against known and unknown attacks.

3 key application protection. Provides highly elastic network segmentation protection and isolation with low latency.

4.Automatically conduct continuous assessment of network security risks. Through automated workflow and auditing functions, FortiGate 200E firewall not only alleviates the shortage of network security personnel, but also ensures compliance.

5.Expansion of FORTINET SECURITYFABRIC security architecture. Fortinet FortiGate200E firewall is the core of Fortinet Security Fabric security architecture, and can share threat intelligence with other security components to form a rapid and automated security response.

6. Fast deployment and simple operation and maintenance. Fortinet FortiGate200E firewall provides consistent security policies and manages security assets through a unified panel, including physical network and virtual network assets.

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