“Hardcore” Game Book-Dell G3 Gaming Laptop


For experienced gamers, the performance of the computer determines most of the success or failure of the game. Many people choose gaming laptops as their game capital. A good gaming notebook is not only external, but internal is the most important part.


DELL G3 uses an Intel Core i5 quad-core or i7 six-core processor, equipped with a Max-Q design, and supports a maximum of 6GB of video memory. In the dual hard disk mode, the speed is increased by four times, and the game acceleration does not freeze. In Intel's internal test, the eighth-generation i7-8750H processor of DELL, DELL G3 has steadily improved the performance of various parts compared with the previous generation i7-7700HQ processor.

Dell G3 Gaming Laptop

If you use the computer for a long time, the computer will inevitably heat up. At this time, a powerful radiator will play a big role. DELL G3 effectively improves the overall heat dissipation process, and it is equipped with GeForce GTX1060 and a Max-Q designed graphics card to release performance directly. The heat dissipation system of G3 has been fully upgraded from every detail, from the heat conduction material to the fan area, just to make the heat nowhere to hide, and to achieve the most intense struggle and the most ruthless challenge on the gaming laptop.


When playing games, the speed is too fast to match the clearest picture quality to have the most shocking gaming experience. DELL G3 is equipped with a high-definition anti-glare screen, which is resolved down to the pixel, and the subtle changes in the battle situation can be seen at a glance, and there are no dead ends for comprehensive observation. Based on the design language of DELL G series, G3 absorbs the inspiration of formula racing, and makes the appearance of speed appear in form.

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