How to choose and buy the right server


Servers are essential in a company, and there may be multiple servers if there are many applications. So, how do we purchase server hardware according to our business needs? Let's take a look at the factors and places to pay attention to.

What is a Dell poweredge server

1. Business Analysis
Application business analysis, that is to say, the database used by the server to run software is still used to run general files, emails, and DHCP servers. The difference lies in the choice of memory and CPU. The database requires a host with larger memory and more CPU cores, larger storage, and higher interface transmission speed.

2. Scene Analysis
Application scenario analysis, general servers work 7*24 hours. But it does not rule out that some servers are turned on when they are in use. In this way, the prices we choose are very different. 7*24 hours must be a standard server level, but only when they are used. You can choose A tower host with better performance.

03. The importance of data

The importance of saving data. Some data will not be checked back after one or two months, such as the production data of the fast-moving consumer goods industry, while some data need to be kept for several years or even ten years, such as medical device products. Production Data. This determines whether dual-machine hot backup is required to improve data security.


There are two main ways to build a dual-system hot backup solution

When discussing the dual-system hot backup solution, many factors must be considered, and special attention should be paid to it when it is applied in various environments. Of course, there are still two main ways that can be used for reference.


The first one, dual-machine hot standby, works by using two servers, one as the main server (Active), running the application system to provide services. The other is used as a backup machine, with exactly the same application system installed, but in standby mode (Standby).When the Active server fails, the Standby machine is activated through software diagnosis to ensure that the application can be restored to normal use in a short time.


The second method, the dual-machine mutual backup method, is based on the dual-machine hot backup. Two relatively independent applications run on the two machines at the same time, but they are both set as backup machines. When a server fails, Another server can take over the application of the failed server in a short time, thus ensuring the continuity of the application. This method is actually an application of the dual-machine hot backup solution.


No matter which type of server you choose, you will do RAID. Here you need to consider your own needs, such as data reading speed, storage space utilization maximization, etc. The number of hard disks required by different RAIDs is different.


The number of hard disks must be planned in advance, depending on the size of the stored data. If you add more hard disks in the future, you need to reshuffle and do RAID, and all the data must be re-imported. The amount of data is large and it will be very time-consuming.


For a server with a large number of connections, our CPU must choose a server with more threads, so as not to cause lag. Insufficient memory can be added, but the CPU cannot handle it. For the server, it is relatively troublesome to deal with.

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