How to choose a solid state drive?


Look at the capacity:
First of all, we need to determine how much storage space we need. Generally speaking, enterprises choose a solid state drive with a minimum capacity of 500G. If you have more data, you can choose a larger-capacity hard disk or install multiple hard disks.


Look at the interface:
Now the mainstream interface on the market is the PCIe M.2 interface NVME protocol. At present, the reading speed of PCIe 4.0 is faster, which is twice that of PCIe 3.0. HP’s commercial high-end positioning models can choose PCIe 4.0 hard drives; while many old models are To use the SATA3.0 interface, you need to check the computer motherboard interface first.


Look at the size:
There are several sizes and specifications of solid-state drives. Except for the obvious difference in the size of solid-state drives with SATA3.0 interface and M.2 interface, the solid-state drives with M.2 interface are also divided into 2242/2260/2280 and other specifications according to different lengths. , when we choose, we should pay attention to purchase according to the specifications that can be installed on the computer motherboard.


Look at the flash memory particles and the main control chip:
At present, TLC is the mainstream flash memory particle on the market, with long life and high cost performance; if you want more high-end, you can choose SLC and MLC. For the main control chip, we generally choose a big brand with a guaranteed reputation.

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