How to Troubleshooting Thermal Issue on R750xs?


How to troubleshooting thermal issue on Dell Poweredge r750xs? 

Thermal issues can occur due to malfunctioning ambient temperature sensors, malfunctioning fans, dusty heat sinks, and malfunctioning thermal sensors and so on.

To resolve the thermal issues:

  • Check the LCD and Embedded System Management (ESM) logs for any additional error messages to identify the faulty component.
  • Ensure that airflow to the machine is not blocked. Placing it in an enclosed area or blocking the air vent, can cause it to overheat. If installed in a rack, ensure that the rack cooling system is working normally.
  • Check for the ambient temperature is within acceptable levels.
  • Check the internal system fans for obstructions and ensure that all fans are spinning properly. Swap any failing fans with a knowngood fan for testing.
  • Ensure that all the required shrouds and blanks are installed.
  • Check if all the fans are functioning properly, the heat sink is installed correctly, and thermal grease is applied.
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