What determines the stability of a computer system?


In a computer system, the performance of the processor is not everything. What determines the stability of a computer system?


The performance of the motherboard chipset also determines the performance of the entire system. Workstations generally use server processors with more powerful performance, and to fully utilize the performance of the processors, an appropriate chipset is required as a match.Chipsets used in the field of workstations generally support dual-processors, have a higher front-side bus than ordinary PC motherboard chipsets, support larger-capacity memory, and support multi-channel memory technology, which can provide greater data throughput.


As for the CPU of workstations, most of them choose Xeon processors with high-performance multi-cores to achieve more powerful computing capabilities, or support multi-processors to meet the large number of floating-point operations and 3D rendering tasks in graphics applications. For ordinary computers, we use home-grade processors, such as Intel Core, Pentium, Celeron series or AMD Ryzen series processors.

intel processor

In terms of the memory of the workstation, ECC error correction memory is generally selected, and it provides massive memory and more scalability. For professional applications such as design and video editing that require more memory capacity, ECC memory can detect and automatically correct temporary unit memory errors, improving data integrity and system reliability. ECC memory is not compatible with our ordinary computer memory.

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