What are the different types of iDRAC licenses?


What are the different types of iDRAC licenses? There are three types of the iDRAC licenses.

Basic Management

Basic Management which was earlier known as BMC, was the default iDRAC version for the 11th generation of the servers ranging between 200– 500 series.


iDRAC Express is the standard, default offering that is part of the base configuration for 600 series and above. It does not require license installation, back up, or license management. Express offers embedded tools, console integration, and simplified remote access.

Express for Blades — For the 12th and 13th generation blade servers, there is a new Express for Blades iDRAC version. It offers a single-user virtual console session and virtual media in addition to the standard Express offerings.


There are two types of Enterprise licenses, based on the type and the duration.

Evaluation - This license is for a 30-day trial of certain features. It can be used on any system. This is not recommended for the production environment.

Perpetual - This license is valid for the life of the product. It does not expire and never needs to be renewed. It must be bound to
only one service tag at a time.

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