The experience of using HP M22f, the truth of one month’s experience,hp m22f reviews


Recently, I want to buy a monitor. I initially took a fancy to HP monitors, but I don’t know much about the HP M22f. I have been considering whether to buy it or not. I have read a lot on the Internet, but I still haven’t made a decision. The reason is that many netizens on the Internet reported that HP monitors Very bad, but there is no real valuable information to respond to these problems! I came to ask old users how the quality of HP monitors is and is the after-sales service in place? The most worrying thing is the quality and after-sales.

HP (HP) 21.5-inch three-side micro-edge FHD 99% sRGB wide color gamut 75Hz IPS wide viewing angle physical anti-blue light computer monitor M22F (with HDMI cable)

It has been used for many days, and overall it is still very good. The appearance and color are very shocking. As for the mold, because I don't like the gaming style, I still prefer this business style, so it suits my taste. I checked the factory. lgd screen, the nano2 generation did not roll over, the default setting of anti-blue light is a little yellow, but you can adjust the rgb yourself, the 27-inch looks just right, very shocking, there are few evaluations of this screen on the Internet, but I think it is still very Not bad.

Appearance: Simple and elegant appearance, fashionable and beautiful
Size: The screen is large enough, square, and looks very comfortable
Game effect: first-class, I like it very much
Refresh rate:
excellent Color rendering effect: good
The first one has flaws, I replaced one, because there was no local stock, it took some time to transfer the goods from other places. It was originally a birthday present, and it arrived after the Lunar New Year.

1.6bit to 10bit optional, 165hz refresh, hdr400, lgd panel, perfect screen, the experience given to me can be described as amazing, several screen display modes meet the needs of various occasions
2. Focus on the screen that comes with it The hardware anti-blue light, tuv certification, for me as a programmer, my eyes are finally freed
from the high-brush Far Cry under 3.hdr, you can see that the grass is completely alive, this screen is really excellent
size Size: 24-inch 2k is just right, if it is too big, it will look tired.
Game effect: perfect, and the brightness is high enough. It seems that the director mode can be set, and fps games can have their own crosshairs.
Refresh rate: 59, not 60, which feels a bit odd.
Color rendering effect: average, not particularly amazing
. Other features: It is very convenient to rotate, and it is easy to rotate.

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