Seagate Exos X16 ST16000NM010G 16TB 3.5

    Seagate Exos X16 ST16000NM010G 16TB 3.5" 512e ISE Enterprise 12Gbps SAS Hard Drive

    Capacity: 16TB; Speed: 7,200RPM; Interface Types: SAS Serial Attached SCSI; Form Factor: 3.5inx1.0in LFF Hard Drive; Sector Size: 512 / 512e; Sustained Throughput: 261/249; Average Seek Time: 4.16; Electrical Interface: SAS-3 Serial Attached SCSI v3 - 12.0Gbps; On-Board Cache: 256MB; Compatible Systems: Dell 14th Gen. R640/R740, Dell 13th Gen. R730/T630, Dell 12th Gen. R720/T620

    Seagate manufactures hard drives that specifically address the needs of the hyperscale storage market. As the flagship of the Seagate® X class, the Exos® X16 enterprise hard drives are the highest-capacity hard drives in the fleet.


    Maximum Storage Capacity for Highest Rack Space Efficiency


    • 16TB per drive for 40% more petabytes per rack
    • Industry's lowest power and weight for optimum data center TCO
    • Highest 16TB hard drive performance with enhanced caching, making it perfect for big data applications
    • PowerBalance feature optimizes IOPS/Watt
    • Helium sealed-drive design with no porosity and uniform density
    • Superior material and weld-width design for a more robust, hermetically sealed-drive enclosure that protects from helium leaks
    • Digital environmental sensors for measuring internal pressure, helping to ensure high reliability, performance, and quality
    • Latest hermetic interconnect technology supporting higher data rate heads and higher pin counts for extreme thermal conditions
    • Proven enterprise-class reliability

    Best-Fit Applications

    • Hyperscale applications/cloud data centers
    • Massive scale-out data centers
    • Big data applications
    • High-capacity density RAID storage
    • Mainstream enterprise external storage arrays
    • Distributed file systems, including Hadoop and Ceph
    • Enterprise backup and restore— D2D, virtual tape
    • Centralized surveillance

    Alt Part# 2KH233-150



    Exos Enterprise X16
    Model FastFormat (512e/4Kn) ST16000NM010G
    Alternate Model Number CNXPV / JGXRK
    Interface 12Gb/s SAS
    Capacity 16TB / 16000GB
    Helium Sealed-Drive Design Yes
    Protection Information (T10 DIF) Yes
    SuperParity Yes
    Low Halogen Yes
    PowerChoice Technology Yes
    PowerBalance Technology Yes
    Hot-Plug Support Yes
    Cache, Multisegmented (MB) 256
    Organic Solderability Preservative Yes
    RSA 2048 Firmware Verification Yes
    Reliability/Data Integrity
    Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF, hours) 2,500,000
    Reliability Rating @ Full 24×7 Operation (AFR) 0.35%
    Nonrecoverable Read Errors per Bits Read 1 Sector per 1015
    Power-On Hours per Year (24×7) 8760
    512e Sector Size (Bytes per Sector)
    • 512
    • 520
    • 528
    4Kn Sector Size (Bytes per Sector)
    • 4096
    • 4160
    • 4224
    Spindle Speed (RPM) 7200
    Interface Access Speed (Gb/s)
    • 12.0
    • 6.0
    • 3.0
    Max Sustainable Transfer Rate
    • 261
    • 249
    Random Read/Write 4K QD03 WCD (IOPS) 170/440
    Average Latency (ms) 4.16
    Interface Ports Dual
    Rotational Vibration @ 20-1500Hz (rad/sec) 12.5
    Power Consumption
    Idle A (W) Average
    • 5.0W
    Max Operating, Random Read/Write 4K/16Q (W)
    • 10.2
    • 6.2
    Power Supply Requirements +12 V and +5 V
    Temperature, Operating (°C) 5°C - 60°C
    Vibration, Nonoperating: 2 to 500Hz (Grms) 2.27
    Shock, Operating Read/Write (Gs) 70/40Gs
    Shock, Nonoperating, 1ms/2ms (Gs) 200
    Height (in/mm, max) 1.028in/26.1mm
    Weight (in/mm, max) 4.010in/101.85mm
    Depth (in/mm, max) 5.787in/147.0mm
    Weigt (g/lb) 670g/1.47lb

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