NOKIA FBBC 472797A.101

    Nokia FBBC 472797A.101 Baseband Capacity Extension Sub-module

    NOKIA FBBC 472797A.101 Flexi Baseband Capacity Extension Sub-module Base Station Equipment. Stock clearance, 50% off market price.



    NOKIA FBBC 472797A.101 Base Station Equipment
    Part Number: 472797A.101
    Brand: Nokia
    Description: Nokia Siemens Flexi BTS Base Station Equipment 472797A.101 FBBC
    The 472797A - Nokia FBBC is in stock.

    The Nokia FBBC comes equipped with a Nokia LTE 4G Repeater and is Division RRH. The FBBC is a sub-submodule, optional extension to the FSMF Flexi Multiradio BTS Module. One FBBC provides a hardware baseband capacity for up three 20Mhz LTE cells with 2×2 MIMO.


    NOKIA FBBC 472797A.101 Original Package



    Outdoor Flexi System Module with 12 RF links


    • to enhance RF connectivity of the Flexi Multiradio System Module
    • FBBC has the same baseband capacity as FBBA
    • FBBC will be commercially available in RL60
    • Full connectivity will be enabled in RL70
    • FBBC will replace FBBA in LTE deliveries


    NOKIA FBBC 472797A.101

    The FBBC system expansion module is located in the slot below the system module FSMF. Each FBBC has the same baseband processing capability as FSMF. Each FBBC provides four BBU-RRU SFP optical ports. FSMF+2*FBBC can provide up to 12 SFP optical interfaces for BBU-RRU connections under full-match conditions.

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