How to see how the Dell Latitude 5420 notebook is in the end?


How to see how the Dell Latitude 5420 notebook is in the end? Has anyone really been deceived? Compare and talk about the Dell Latitude 5420 notebook in the end, how about a month's experience? Is it worth it? This Dell Latitude 5420 notebook is indeed very OK, with a unique design and exquisite workmanship. Many netizens want to know this? Is the brand okay? To be honest, this Dell (DELL) Latitude 5420 14-inch high-end notebook (11th generation i5-1145G7 8G 512G integrated display high-definition screen 3-year home Vpro) has been used for a period of time and I feel that it is ok, I just bought it soon, packaging protection: Protected in place Appearance: very light, even with the packaging, it is very light, and then bid farewell to those who practice martial arts Picture quality: clear picture, very smooth at 120hz Running speed: smooth running, 5900hs+3050ti

1, Dell Latitude 5420 notebook price reference:

Dell (DELL) Latitude 5420 14-inch high-end notebook (11th generation i5-1145G7 8G 512G integrated high-definition screen 3-year door-to-door Vpro) has a price of 7899 yuan.

2, Dell Latitude 5420 notebook product parameters:

Product Name: Dell Latitude 5420
Product Number: 100014018817
Product Gross Weight: 2.25kg
Product Origin: Mainland China
Screen Size: 14.0-14.9 inches
Series: Dell – Latitude
Processor: intel i5
Type: Thin and Light Notebook
Preferred Service: On-site Service, Three Annual Warranty
System: Windows 10 without Office
Whether to support IPv6: Support IPv6
Thickness: 15.1-18.0mm
Screen refresh rate: 60Hz
Memory capacity: 8GB
Body material: Metal
graphics card Model: Integrated graphics card
Solid state drive (SSD): 512GB
graphics card chip supply Supplier: Intel
Mechanical Hard Disk: No Mechanical Hard Disk

3. Details of user comments on Dell Latitude 5420 notebook:

The Dell Latitude 5420 laptop has been used for a week and it is very good. The screen is very good, independent display, high refresh, touch screen, large screen, it seems that only this notebook on the market has it, it is a decathlon. In short, it is very worthwhile to buy, buy is to earn, strongly recommend to buy! Appearance: I like the thinness very much: It is thinner and lighter than expected. Other features: I like this keyboard very much, it is very comfortable. The boot speed is very fast. I like this computer for two months without any abnormality. I am very satisfied. As a code farmer, the fly in the ointment is that the keyboard does not have the home and EnD keys.

This notebook uses Intel's 11th generation I5 processor, 16G memory, and 512G solid state. It meets daily needs. It is a very good notebook. The gift is very beautiful and practical. The quality of the Dell Latitude 5420 notebook is rock solid. The Dell Latitude 5420 is also an excellent laptop, it's smooth to use, and the multi-screen collaboration is cool. The TYPE-C data cable is compatible with the mate20 mobile phone, and the province should bring an extra data cable. I was a little worried when I read the comments, I was a little worried when I received the goods, and I felt relieved after turning it on. It's still pretty smooth to use. The shape design is also nice. Just didn't send anything.

The Dell Latitude 5420 is a good mouse, with quiet buttons, good grip, and cool colors. The three-speed dpi is adjustable, and the positioning is very accurate. Appearance is very feel. It is an outlier in the Dell Latitude 5420 notebook mouse. The price is affordable, I hope the quality can be better, and it can be used for two years. Running speed: The running speed is ok Screen effect: The screen looks very comfortable Cooling performance: It can be used after a while Appearance: Just look at the appearance. Lightness and thinness: the 15.6 screen will not be heavy, the screen is thin, the heat dissipation performance: the heat dissipation is very good, and the screen effect: the screen looks very comfortable

Running speed: very smooth, the boot speed is also fast Screen effect: good display effect Heat dissipation performance: good heat dissipation for office use There are also 16 more interfaces because it is equipped with an Intel Core i7-11800H 8-core 16-thread processor, and the 11th-generation Core is very fast! you deserve to have. The computer is very nice and easy to use. It's a good choice for the student . It's enough to do ppt, write papers, and learn to chase dramas. Running speed: It won't get stuck soon after booting. Appearance: I'm responsible for the appearance. I chose gray.

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