Drive indicator codes of Dell EMC PowerEdge R740xd


In this article we will introduce you in detail the Drive indicator codes of  Dell PowerEdge R740xd. The unique Express Service Code and Service Tag are used to identify the system.The front view displays the features available on the front of the system.

Each drive carrier has an activity LED indicator and a status LED indicator. The indicators provide information about the current status of the drive. The activity LED indicator indicates whether the drive is currently in use or not. The status LED indicator indicates the power condition of the drive.

Figure 1. Drive indicators on the drive and the mid drive tray backplane

Drive indicators on the drive and the mid drive tray backplane

  1. drive activity LED indicator
  2. drive status LED indicator
  3. drive backplane on mid drive tray
  4. drive

Table 1. Drive indicator codes

Flashes green twice per second Identifying drive or preparing for removal.
Off Drive ready for removal
Flashes green, amber, and then turns off Predicted drive failure.
Flashes amber four times per second Drive failed.
Flashes green slowly Drive rebuilding.
Solid green Drive online.
Flashes green for three seconds, amber for three seconds, and then turns off after six seconds Rebuild stopped.
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