Cable management of Dell PowerEdge R760


Do you know the cable management information of Dell PowerEdge R760? The cable management offerings consist of an optional cable management arm (CMA) and an optional strain relief bar (SRB). We will introduce the above two products in detail for you.

Cable management arm (CMA)

The optional cable management arm (CMA) organizes and secures the cords and cables exiting the back of the systems . It unfolds to allow the systems to extend out of the rack without having to detach the cables . Some key features of the CMA include:

  • Large U-shaped baskets to support dense cable loads.
  • Open vent pattern for optimal airflow.
  • Ability to mount on either side by swinging the spring-loaded brackets from one side to the other.
  • Utilizes hook-and-loop straps rather than plastic tie wraps to eliminate the risk of cable damage during cycling.
  • Includes a low-profile fixed tray to both support and retain the CMA in its fully closed position.
  • Both the CMA and the tray mount without the use of tools by simple and intuitive snap-in designs.


Sliding rails with CMA

CMA Cabling

CMA Cabling

Strain Relief Bar (SRB)

The optional strain relief bar (SRB) for the PowerEdge R760 organizes and supports cable connections at the rear end of the server to avoid damage from bending.

  • Tool-less attachment to the rails.
  •  Two depth positions to accommodate various cable loads and rack depths.
  •  Supports cable loads and controls stresses on server connectors.
  •  Cables can be segregated into discrete purpose-specific bundles.

Cabled strain relief bar

Cabled strain relief bar

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