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AO o'rni tortish regulyatori
AO o'rni tortish regulyatori

AO o'rni tortish regulyatori


Uskuna xususiyatlari:

1:V+、V-to connect the DC power, and 24 V DC is recommended;

2: E+、E-、S+、S- yuk xujayrasi interfeysi;

3:G、TX、RX  is 232 interface;DA is 0-10V out,for G active;

4:K1、K2 is relay out,I1-I2 is DI terminal,for V- active;

5:TP、TN、RP、RN is expansion module interface,standard 485 interface,TN is 485A,TP is 485B。

Dastur xususiyatlari:

Measurement signal :   -20mV~20mV,Each can drive 6 load cells with 350 ohm

Namuna olish chastotasi: 500Hz

Aniqlik: III daraja

Ruxsat: 1/500000

DI/DO:                           2 DI,Low level active; 2 DO for relay

aloqa:             rs 232,rs 485.Optional with Ethernet or other  module

Nochiziqlilik:             0.005% FS

Quvvat:                             21-26V DC, Sensor kuchlanishi 5V.

Quvvatli chiqindilar:             <5W

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