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7 inch touch screen 4- channel weighing
7 inch touch screen 4- channel weighing

7 inch touch screen 4- channel weighing

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2- channel weighing


This product integrates the control part and touch screen operation part, with  friendly interface and convenient operation. This product uses 24 bit ∑-△ADC chip,and the analog signal of bridge load cell is  converted into digital signal. It also have 8 DI. 16 DO and 4 AOs,can select 1, 2 and 4  sensor inputs, In addition to the weighing signal transmission function, it can also  achieve a large number of control functions. Suitable for 18-30vdc power supply system.24 V power supply is recommended. This product also has the function of sensor circuit detection, that is, when the  sensor is not connected or the sensor is faulty (including the wiring falling off, etc.),  the corresponding alarm will be given [effective when only one sensor is connected  to each channel]. 


Measurement signal :   -20mV~20mV,Each can drive 6 load cells with 350 ohm not exceed 0.2A, and the total drive current shall not exceed 2A;4 AO 

with 4-20mA

Частота дискретизації: 500 Гц

Точність: III рівень

Nonlinearity:                   0.005%FS

DI/DO:                           8 DI,16 DO,Low level active,The single drive current of do shall

Спілкування:             rs 232, rs 485. Додатково з Ethernet або іншим модулем

Нелінійність:                    0.005% FS

Потужність:                             18-30V DC。Sensor voltage 5V。

Потужність відходів:                      <10W

Dimensions:                 226*163*36mm

Cut size  :                       215*152mm