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Office 2016 Home and Business sticker
Office 2016 Home and Business sticker
Office 2016 Home and Business sticker
Office 2016 Home and Business sticker

Office 2016 Home and Business sticker

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Licenčný kľúč pre 1 PC
Neobmedzená doživotná licencia
Inštalátory pre 32 a 64 bitové systémy
Doručenie e-mailom (produktový kľúč, pokyny, odkaz na stiahnutie, faktúra)
Okamžité stiahnutie!
Aktivácia online a telefonicky
Bezplatná podpora počas inštalácie a aktivácie
Doživotná záruka!


Microsoft Office 2016 helps you to do your best work - anywhere, anytime and with anyone. New, modern versions of the classic desktop applications, word, excel, PowerPoint, outlook and OneNote, are built for maximum productivity. You'll quickly produce professional documents with rich authoring features, design controls for pixel-perfect layouts and intuitive tools to help you make the most of your data. You'll have access to your docs in the cloud whenever you need them. With your documents stored online, it's easy to get your team on the same page. Share, present and work together on projects with built in team collaboration tools across the suite.

technické údaje


Create, polish, and share beautiful documents. Now sharing and collaborating with the team is a breeze. 

The new Word allows you to co-author and edit documents with multiple people at the same time-whether you're in the same room or across the globe. And cloud integration makes sharing docs a cinch.


Analyze and visualize your data in new and intuitive ways. Turn numbers into insights with the new Excel. 

PivotTable Slicers help you discover patterns in large volumes of data, and Recommended Charts gives 

you the best charts to communicate your data. One-Click Forecasting automatically scans worksheets for 

data trends and formats them into charts and tables.


Create, collaborate, and effectively present your ideas. Co-author presentations with your team-working 

simultaneously. Make comments on relevant text and images and compare different versions of a presentation 

with Conflict Resolution View.


Organize email, coordinate schedules, and stay up to date with contacts. The new Outlook has push mail 

support so your inbox is always up-to-date. And improved Conversation View ensures that messages with 

similar subject lines don't get lumped in with conversations they don't belong to. You'll also find more 

options in how you incorporate and manage attachments.


Harness your thoughts in your very own digital notebook. Capture, organize and share your ideas with digital 

notebooks that you can access on any device. Find things quickly with a powerful search engine that tracks 

your tags and more.


Sign in to Office 2016 and use OneDrive to easily access your recent documents on any device with seamless 


Stav výrobkov sklad
Typ operačný systém
Podporované operačné systémy windows
Typ verzie internet
Výrobca kancelária 
Číslo modelu úrad 2016 
Miesto pôvodu USA
Názov výrobku Office 2016 Home Business Sticker
Balíček vrátane Kľúčová karta 
Veľkosť 14.8x14.2x2 cm
Hmotnosť 51g
Podmienka Zbrusu nový
platnosť Život 
Aktivácia 100%
Podporované bezplatné umiestnenie Áno

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