• Wi-Fi 6 Certified: Cisco Catalyst 9130, 9120, and 9115 Access Points Lead the New Standard in the Industry
    Wi-Fi 6 Certified: Cisco Catalyst 9130, 9120, and 9115 Access Points Lead the New Standard in the Industry 2020-03-25
    After the Cisco Catalyst 9130 wireless access point passed Wi-Fi 6 certification of the Wi-Fi Alliance, the Catalyst 9120 and Catalyst 9115 wireless access points have also passed Wi-Fi 6 certification. So far, the Cisco Catalyst 9100 Wireless Access Point Series has a complete portfolio of 4 and 8 antennas, built-in and external antennas, and a Wi-Fi 6 certified product portfolio, leading the ind...
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  • The Difference Between Huwei and Cisco
    The Difference Between Huwei and Cisco 2020-03-19
    What is Huwei? Established in 1988, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. is a high-tech private enterprise held by employees. Huawei is engaged in the research, development, production and sales of communication network technologies and products. It specializes in providing telecommunication operators with network solutions in the areas of optical networks, fixed networks, mobile networks and value-added...
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  • Serving Telecom, Network Industries
    Serving Telecom, Network Industries 2020-03-17
    Skyward Telecom, a distributor of networking telecom company, understands that business and consumer end users expect their internet and phones to work 100% of the time. That’s why Skyward Telecom  is 100% focused on uptime. Our mission is to ensure that our customers can turn up services faster, build out the fiber networks they need to be competitive, and keep them up and running. As the ba...
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  • 10 Gigabit SFP + Module
    10 Gigabit SFP + Module 2020-03-05
    SFP + motherboard designers have considered high-speed design work in advance, so that 10 Gigabit SFP + modules can achieve higher density at a lower cost when 10 Gigabit Ethernet fiber is connected. The SFP + optical transceiver can provide the largest number of ports for any 10-Gbit / sec optical module. Another advantage of the 10 Gigabit SFP + optical module is that it has the ability to ensur...
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  • Wireless: It’s Wi-Fi, It’s 5G. It’s Both.
    Wireless: It’s Wi-Fi, It’s 5G. It’s Both. 2020-02-27
    In 2020, Wi-Fi 6 will enter the enterprise, through the employee door and through enterprise access point refreshes. 5G will also appear, although in 2020, it will be mostly for consumers. The latest smartphones from Apple, Samsung, and other manufacturers are Wi-Fi 6 enabled, and Wi-Fi 6 access points are currently shipping to businesses and consumers. 5G phones are not yet in wide circulation, a...
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  • New Year Planning
    New Year Planning 2020-02-25
    At the beginning of the new year, first of all I would like to thank our customers and friends for their support and help in 2019, so that our company can have new breakthroughs and growth last year. We also look forward to continuing to work with old friends to create brilliant 2020. As an communication products supllier over 10 years, Skyward Telecom has been serving as a professional used and r...
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  • Cisco IP Phone 6800 Series
    Cisco IP Phone 6800 Series 2020-01-03
    The Cisco IP Phone 6800 Series multiplatform phones are designed for affordability. They deliver reliable, business-grade audio, with Gigabit Ethernet integration and low power usage.Ideal for customers with moderate to active VoIP needs, the 6800 Series phones are supported on Cisco-approved third-party unified communications as a service (UCaaS) providers. Features 1、Simpler administration Gigab...
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  • Increasing Demand for Optical Modules
    Increasing Demand for Optical Modules 2019-12-24
    With the increasingly mature 5G technology and wider application, the demand for optical transceivers has increased significantly.  According to the demand on the market this year, the demand for optical transceivers and communication auxiliary materials is obviously greater than that of equipment.So based on this trend, the demand for optical transceivers will only increase in the next few y...
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  • Network Security
    Network Security 2019-12-19
    Network security is to prevent data from being destroyed, altered, and stolen. To ensure the normal operation of websites and programs. The rapid development of the Internet has made the network space larger and larger, and the boundaries are difficult to define. This has made many companies want to occupy a certain position on the Internet, quickly develop their own websites, develop their o...
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  • Expanding Telecommunications Via Nokia
    Expanding Telecommunications Via Nokia 2019-12-17
    Nokia created the technology to connect the world. They develop and deliver the industry's only end-to-end portfolio of network equipment, software, services and licensing that is available globally. Their customers include communications service providers whose combined networks support 6.1 billion subscriptions, as well as enterprises in the private and public sector that use their network portf...
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  • Module promotion at the end of the year
    Module promotion at the end of the year 2019-12-13
    An optical module is an important device that realizes the conversion of optical signals and electrical signals in an optical communication system, and is a basic component for manufacturing optical devices. The market application of optical modules is mainly in Ethernet, data communication, video surveillance, security, storage The storage area and network, the optical module telecommunications m...
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  • Prospect of Telecom Equipment
    Prospect of Telecom Equipment 2019-12-12
    In 2017, the global telecommunication equipment market reached US $320.5 billion. By the end of 2023, the telecommunication equipment market is expected to reach US $562 billion, and the compound annual growth rate from 2016 to 2023 is expected to be about 10%. The main factors affecting the growth of telecommunication equipment market are the growth of cellular station, optical fiber and wireless...
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