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40G QSFP+ - 4x10G SFP+ Breakout Active optinis kabelis, 1 ~ 15 m

40G QSFP+ - 4x10G SFP+ Breakout Active optinis kabelis, 1 ~ 15 m

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Duomenų perdavimo sparta iki 10.3 Gbit/s per kanalą

Connector 1: QSFP+ (SFF-8436) 

Connector 2: 4 x SFP+ (SFF-8431)

Cable Type: Active Optical Cable (AOC) Cable

850nm VCSEL siųstuvas, PIN nuotraukų detektorius Imtuvas, iki

300 m OM3 MMF

Available Lengths (in meters): 1-15

Karšta Pluggable

Management Interface and Digital Diagnostic Monitoring(DDM)

through I2C

Support Rx Output Pre-emphasis

Commercial temperature range (COM): 0~ 70 °C

Low Power Dissipation: less than 1.3W on QSFP+ End, Less Than

1W on SFP+ Ends

Atitinka „RoHS-6“


The 40GBASE QSFP+ to 4 x SFP+ Active Optical Cable is a 4 x 10 Gb/s parallel active optical cable for storage, data, and highperformance computing inter-connectivity. It transmits four separate streams of 10 Gb/s data over ribbon cables in a point-to-multipoint configuration. The cable contains a QSFP+ module on one end and four separate SFP+ modules at the other ends.

Based on proven VCSEL array technology and designed with MSA-compliant QSFP+ and SFP+ high-density connectors, these cables are compact, lightweight, and low power.


Produkto specifikacijos

Jungties tipasQSFP+ to 4 SFP+
Maksimali duomenų perdavimo sparta40Gbps
Mažiausias lenkimo spindulys7.5mm
Kabelio ilgis1-15m
Striukės medžiagaOFNP
temperatūraNuo 0 iki 70 ° C (32–158 ° F)
Protokolai40G „InfiniBand“ 8x DDR, 4x QDR, 10G/40Gigabit Ethernet, pluošto kanalas


1. 40 Gigabit Ethernet

2. Fibre Channel Applications

3. InfiniBand QDR, SDR, DDR

4. High-performance Computing Clusters

5. Servers, Switches, Storage and Host Card Adapters

6. Network Interference Cards (NICs)

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