GEP3-HD600 ROJ 208 844/3 | Ericsson Network Server AB

GEP3-HD600 ROJ 208 844/3. Network Server Ericsson AB

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GEP3-HD600 ROJ 208 844/3GEP3-HD600 ROJ 208 844/3

GEP3 (Generic Ericsson Processor 3) is an x86 based general processing board within Ericsson Blade System (EBS). It is the 3rd generation in the GEP family. GEP3-HD600 utilizes a 64-bit,6 core, Intel processor(XEON L5638) running at 2.00GHz, 24GB memory, 600GB HDD, 2 x 10 GbE and 2 x GbE in back and 3 x GbE (one used for debug) in front.