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Täname, et valisite meie tooted. 

This product uses 24 bit ∑-△ADC kiip,and the analog signal of bridge load cell is converted into digital signal. It have 4 channels.

Sobib 21-26vdc power supply system.24 V power supply is recommended.

Product features:

1. It can prevent RFI / EMI interference and has strong EMC characteristics;

2. 21-26v DC supply;

3. High speed 24 bit ∑-△ADC sampling, more than 500Hz sampling;

4. Complete communication interface,Standard RS 232 and 485.Optional CAN, etc。

Riistvara omadused:

1:V + and V -  to connect the DC power, and 24 V DC is recommended;

2:E+、E-、S+、S- are loadcell interface;

3:A / B is 485 interface;GND、TX、RX  is 232 interface;

4:BO1,BO2 is DO terminal,Low level active。VD + must be connected to the positive power supply of relay;

5:BI1,BI2 is DI terminal,valid for GND,NPN type photoelectric junction。AO1 and AO2 are analog outputs, which are valid for GND. Open the shell, you can switch 4-20mA or 0-10V by on-board dialing

Tarkvara omadused:

Measurement signal :     -20mV~20mV,Each can drive 6 load cells with 350 ohm

Sampling frequency:      500Hz

Accuracy:                       III level

Resolution:                    1/500000

Kommunikatsioon:             RS 232, RS 485, 

Nonlinearity:             0.005% FS

Power:                             10-30V DC, Sensor voltage 5V。

Võimsusjäätmed:             <5W

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