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AO 2- Channel Single channel Guideway weighing indicator

AO 2- Channel Single channel Guideway weighing indicator

Прожектори на артикула:



[1]Power :DC24v 

[2]2DI and 2DO 

[3]RS232 and Rs485 

[4]optional ; Ethernet 

[5] 2 Ao:4-20mA and 0-10V 

[6]weight :0.1kg 

[7]Dimension :92mmx72mmx59mm 


This product uses 24 bit ∑-△ADC чип,and the analog signal of bridge load cell is converted into digital signal. It also have 2 DI and 2 DO,and two analog outputs, which can convert 4-20mA or 0-10V output at will [module internal dial conversion].

Подходяща за 10-30vdc power supply system.24 V power supply is recommended.

This product also has the function of sensor circuit detection, that is, when the sensor is not connected or the sensor is faulty (including the wiring falling off, etc.), the corresponding alarm will be given [effective when only one sensor is connected to each channel]


Характеристики на хардуера:

1:V + and V -  to connect the DC power, and 24 V DC is recommended;

2:E+、E-、S+、S- are loadcell interface;

3:A / B is 485 interface;GND、TX、RX  is 232 interface;

4:BO1,BO2 is DO terminal,Low level active。VD + must be connected to the positive power supply of relay;

5:BI1,BI2 is DI terminal,valid for GND,NPN type photoelectric junction。AO1 and AO2 are analog outputs, which are valid for GND. Open the shell, you can switch 4-20mA or 0-10V by on-board dialing

Софтуерни характеристики:

Measurement signal :     -20mV~20mV,Each can drive 6 load cells with 350 ohm

Sampling frequency:      500Hz

Accuracy:                       III level

Resolution:                    1/500000

Съобщение:             RS 232, RS 485, 

Nonlinearity:             0.005% FS

Мощност:                             10-30V DC, Sensor voltage 5V。

Отпадъци:             <5W