Huawei SmartAX MA5633 D-CCAP Head End Device

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  • Brand:Huawei
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Huawei SmartAX MA5633 distributed converged cable access platform (D-CCAP) head end device (MA5633 for short) is a

full-service, digital cable network device designed for Fiber Deep migration. Installed at the edge of an HFC network, the

MA5633 delivers a Gigabit bandwidth to a single group of users at a lower cost than FTTH. With the built-in EQAM or optical

receiver, the MA5633 is fully backward compatible to existing QAM-based services. A Huawei OLT located at the head end

aggregates up to hundreds of distributed MA5633s and provides space, power, and cooling efficiencies required for a largescale transition toward Fiber Deep. Positioned to support the SDN framework, the D-CCAP further evolves HFC. 

Huawei MA5633 Support DOCSIS 3.0 and DOCSIS 3.1,HUAWEI MA5633 series devices include the MA5633(D3.1, Cable Outlets on a Single Side), MA5633-XD20, MA5633-DD20, MA5633(D3.0), and MA5633-XB10.

As bandwidth demands continue to increase, Huawei’s D-CCAP solution is designed to

provide a cost-effective alternative to the hub-based solutions by driving baseband digital fiber deeper into the HFC network for various HFC applications with a migration

path toward DOCSIS 3.1 and Fiber-to-the-Home.

 Leading edge distributed cable access solution providing high capacity and nonblocking Gigabits DOCSIS bandwidth, dedicated to a single service group.


Leverage existing QAM video head-end infrastructure and fully compatible with

broadcast and narrowcast QAM video services.

 Digital fiber uplink with migration path toward next-generation PON and DOCSIS

3.1 to meet future bandwidth demand.

The MA5633 solution uses PON or GigE for feeder fiber and reuses existing coax plant or inbuilding coax, existing DOCSIS modems and RF video infrastructure. With GPON,

feeder fibers can be split in the desired ratio in fiber-limited applications. 

As a variant of the CCAP solution, the MA5633 supports multi-service delivery to a single

service group. D-CCAP provides up to 1.28 Gbps downstream with 32 channels and 320

Mbps upstream with 8 channels and terminates up to 1024 CMs. It is fully compatible

with broadcast and narrowcast QAM videos as well as OOB forward and return. With its

multicast capabilities the MA5633 also supports IPTV for the delivery of IP video over


With its weather-proof sealed enclosure, the MA5633 can be installed in a cabinet, pole, wall,

or strand mounted, outdoors or indoors, and can be powered using standard CATV 60/90

VAC line powering systems or with standard 110/220VAC local power. 

Deployed in conjunction with a Huawei OLT, MA5633’s can be aggregated at a hub site

using GPON, 10G GPON, GigE or 10GigE baseband optical technologies. Centrally

managed via the OLT, the MA5633 supports plug-n-play installation and a host of remote

maintenance and diagnostic functions. 

Distributed CCAP designed in a rugged compact enclosure for outside plant applications


  • Up to 1.28 Gbps downstream and 320 Mbps upstream DOCSIS 3.0

  • Up to 1024 Cables Modems


  • GPON, 10G GPON, GigE or 10GigE uplinks


  • Integrated RF optical forward and return paths


  • Higher order OAM modulation for improved DOCSIS performance


  • Migration path toward DOCSIS 3.1-DS: 32*D3.0 & 2*D3.1, US: 8*D3.0, 2*D3.1