Huawei OPTIX PTN 910 Optical Transport Equipment

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The OptiX PTN 910 is new generation metropolitan optical transport equipment, which is developed by Huawei for packet transport.

With the PWE3 technology, the MPLS technology, as well as ideal OAM and protection switching mechanism, the OptiX PTN 910 is able to provide services of carrier-class quality in a packet transport network and SDH transport network.



The OptiX PTN 910 supports perfect QoS mechanism, including the end-to-end QoS based on the DiffServ mode, and hierarchical QoS (HQoS).


OptiX PTN 910 provides rich OAM functions to realize monitoring, fault detection and fault locating at different levels.


The OptiX PTN 910 provides equipment level protection and network level protection.


The OptiX PTN 910 supports the physical clock synchronization, the IEEE 1588V2 clock/time synchronization and IEEE 1588 ACR clock synchronization.

Value-Added Feature

The PTN equipment supports the DHCP Relay for the mobile backhaul network.

Bearer Technology

OptiX PTN 910 adopts the multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) technology and PWE3 technology to transmit different services. In addition, OptiX PTN 910 supports the layer 3 IP Tunnel/GRE Tunnel to realize service transmission in IP network.

Protocols of the Control Plane

Describes the routing protocols and label distribution protocols of the control plane of the PTN equipment.


On a packet transport network (PTN), the network management system (NMS) establishes communication with PTN equipment through a data communication network (DCN), to manage and maintain the PTN equipment.

Operation and Maintenance

The OptiX PTN 910 provides powerful operation and maintenance functions.

Security Management

The equipment and NMS uses many schemes to manage the security of the OptiX PTN 910 NE.

Application Scenario

PTN equipment is mainly used to transmit mobile services between a NodeB and an RNC or to transmit VIP private line services. PTN equipment mainly applies in two networking modes: network with PTN NEs only and network with a third-party network between PTN NEs. This chapter describes the service transmission mode in each networking mode.

List of Software Features