Nokia FSEB 471424A FLEXI System External Alarm Module Base Station

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  • Brand:Nokia
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471424A Nokia FSEB471424A Nokia FSEBOverview

FSEB Flexi System External Alarm box

Part Number: 471424A

Manufacture: Nokia

FSEB 471424A.202, 471424A.203, 471424A.304 fLEXI System External Alarm Module Base Station

The FSEB box is used for extending the Flexi BTS alarm connector to support up to 24

alarm interfaces. 12 alarms are supported for Flexi WCDMA BTS. Support for the fire

detector is also provided. The FSEB box provides IP55 protection.

In outdoor applications, the box can be attached to the outdoor cabinet roof. There are

fixing points for the FSEB in the outdoor cabinet. In indoor or stacked applications, the

box is attached in the proximity of the modules, for example, on a wall. 

Flexi System External Alarm (FSEB) 471424A can be installed either horizontally (cablelead-ins on the side) or vertically (cable lead-ins facing downwards, or left or right).