Huawei AAU3940-FDD RRU Base Station 02311EEG

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  • Brand:Huawei
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Overview of Huawei Easymicro Active Antenna AAU3940 

Huawei Active Antenna AAU3940 is a wideband RF module that integrates the antenna and RF module. 

The AAU3940, important RF module in light base stations, uses the AAS technology to integrate the functions of antennas and the RF module. In addition, it uses the user-friendly design so that the site can be easily obtained and the AAU3940 can be easily deployed.

The AAU3940 adopts the software-defined frequency technology to support the ultra-wide bandwidth. Power can be allocated to two frequency bands through software setting to flexibly meet operators' different coverage requirements. 

The AAU3940 can reduce about 0.8 dB feeder loss by incorporating the functions of RF modules into the antenna and further improves the coverage capability. 

The AAU3940 has a beautiful appearance and simplifies site acquisition, which can be installed on a pole along the streets or on the top of a building.


Brand Name: Huawei

Model Number: AAU3940-FDD (220VAC)

Product Series: Wireless