Huawei RHUB 3908 Lampsite 02311HDH PoE Power Supply Module

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  • Brand:huawei
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Overview of RHUB 3908 Huawei Lampsite 02311HDH 

02311HDH RHUB3908 RHUB3908-WD6MXRHUBAA-pRRU combined circuit and PoE power supply module (2 CPRI optical ports, 8 CPRI electrical ports supporting PSE, with PSU, )

The LampSite solution is a wireless indoor multi-mode deep coverage solution that Huawei has introduced for indoor hotspot expansion and blind spot supplement.

The LampSite base station is a distributed base station dedicated to multi-standard multi-band room coverage, including product function modules (BBU3900, DCU3900, RHUB3908, pRRU3901) and auxiliary equipment (pRRU3901 external antenna, pRRU3901 power adapter, mounting bracket and Extender) composition.

The RHUB3908 is a radio frequency remote CPRI data aggregation unit that implements communication between the BBU/DCU and the pRRU3901.As a network element in the LampSite indoor coverage solution, the RHUB3908 needs to be used with the BBU/DCU and pRRU3901 to support indoor coverage in a building scenario. The main features of the RHUB3908 include:

1. The downlink baseband data sent by the BBU/DCU is received and sent to the pRRU3901 after being processed by the branch.

2. The uplink baseband data sent by the pRRU3901 is received, and is sent to the BBU/DCU after being combined.

RHUB3908 built-in PoE (Power over Ethernet) power supply circuit supplies power to the pRRU3901 through PoE.


Brand Name:  Huawei

Product Number: 02311HDH

Model Number:  WD6M39RHUB02

Discription:  Multi-function module RHUB3908