Huawei RRU3912 Remote Radio Unit | Lampsite Pico RRU 02311QRH Wd6mpr391202

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  • Brand:Huawei
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02311QRH pRRU3912(900M+1800M+TDD2300M+TDD2600M)- Inside  Antenna pRRU3912-WD6MXAAE8BB0-LampSite(TX925~960MHz/RX880~915MHz,TX1805~1880MHz/RX1710~1785MHz,TX2300~2390MHz/RX2300~2390MHz,TX2496~2690MHz/RX2496~2690MHz,PoE,2.5G,2T2R*4,4*200mW, Inside  Antenna )

In 2004, Huawei introduced the first distributed base station solution with a Remote Radio Unit (RRU) that separated its baseband unit from its radio unit. The RRU was redesigned to be installed near the antenna to sharply cut down on feeder loss and make base station deployment much simpler.

In 2008, when wireless networks began evolving toward supporting multiple technology standards, Huawei introduced the first SDR-powered mRRU to support GSM, UMTS and LTE via software upgrades.

In 2010, Huawei launched three types of small and easy to install mRRUs that greatly reduced installation and maintenance costs. By the end of 2012, Huawei had delivered more than six million of these RRUs to more than 100 telecom operators worldwide.

RRUs can be installed on a tower, reducing feeder costs and feeder loss and increasing system gain by 3 dB to 5 dB, remote radio frequency technology enables distributed RRU installation, which is perfect for railways.


  • Type:  communication power supply

  • Brand:  Huawei

  • Model:   PRRU3912

  • Discription:   PRRU3912 for Multi-Mode(900M+1800M+TDD2300M+TDD2600M) inner antenna