BML 901 250/1 Ericsson RBS6601 RRU outdoor PSU AC 02 power module

Ericsson RBS6601 is an outdoor macro base station, We have it and other related equipment and accessories in stock. If you need, pls directly contact us through online tool or other way you prefer to.

  • brand:Ericsson


Ericsson BTS BML 901 250/1 R1D RBS6601 BTS PSU AC 02 BTS PSU LTE Equipment

GSM wireless base station for Ericsson BTS RBS6601 PSU AC 02 BML 901 250/1 R1D

The PSU (also called the PSU-AC) uses an AC power interface available from Ericsson. The AC cable is connected to the PSU with a contact on the cable.Ericsson can supply a cable kit in different sizes where the AC contact isalready attached.

All cables must be shielded. The shielding must be grounded on both the PSU and the power supply equipment side with the site Main Earth Terminal(MET).The power cable conductors each have a 1.5 mm2 cross-sectional area.

The PSU is required for the AC power input option. It converts RRUS input main power 100-250V AC to -48V DC. It is installed on the back side of the RRUS.

Brand: Ericsson

Part Number: BML 901 250/1

Model: PSU AC 02

Discription: BML 901 250/1 PSU AC 02 Power Supply 100-250vac to 54.5vdc 12.9A.


BML 901 250/1

BML 901 250/1 R1D

RBS6601 RRU outdoor AC power module