Ericsson SXK 125 0245-1 RRU Pole Mounting Support Kit

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  • Brand:Ericsson
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SXK 125 0245/1 is a type of indoor macro base station. SXK 125 0245/1 product series includes the large-capacity SXK 125 0245/1 and medium-capacity SXK 125 0245/1. The SXK 125 0245/1 is a GE-based IP broadband access device.Regarded as "the aircraft carrier of the broadband access industry", the SXK 125 0245/1 has powerful bandwidth processing capabilities, decent service functions, and sustainably optimized line features. These capabilities and functions help build optimum broadband networks and strengthen their individual competitiveness.

Brand: Ericsson

Model Number: SXK 125 0245/1

Discription: RBS6601 RRUS Installation component SXK 125 0245/1; MOUNTING KIT (MK mast brackets short) board;