Finisar FTL410QE2C Optical Transceiver Module | 40BASE-SR4 100m QSFP+ Gen2

FTL410QE2C – Transceiver Module Ethernet 10.5Gbps 850nm 3.3V MTP (MPO) Pluggable, QSFP+ from Finisar

  • Brand:Finisar
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FTL410QE2C Optical Transceiver Module

Brand Name:  Finisar
Product Number:  FTL410QE2C
Finisar’s FTL410QE2C QSFP+ transceiver modules are designed for use in 40 Gigabit persecond links over multimode fiber.

FTL410QE2C Optical Transceiver Module Specifications

• Four-channel full-duplextransceiver module
• Hot Pluggable QSFP+ form factor
• Maximum link length of 100m onOM3 Multimode Fiber (MMF)and 150m on OM4 MMF
• Multirate capability: 1.06Gb/s to10.5Gb/s per channel
• Unretimed XLPPI electricalinterface
• Maximum power dissipation<1.5W
• Reliable VCSEL array technology
• Commercial operating casetemperature range: 0ºC to 70ºC
• Single 1x12 MPO receptacle
• RoHS-6 Compliant

FTL410QE2C Optical Transceiver Module Applications

• 40GBASE-SR4 40G Ethernet
• Breakout to 10GBASE-SR Ethernet
• Proprietary interconnections