AAU 3240 Huawei basic modules

  • brand:Huawei

Huawei  basic modules AAU 3240 Overview

The AAU3240 module supports F-band 1880MHz-1915MHz, A-band 2010MHz-2025MHz, D-band 2575MHz-2635MHz, integrated antenna AAS module, for outdoor coverage of urban and dense urban areas with high capacity requirements. In the receiving direction, it is responsible for receiving and processing the signal from the antenna and transmitting it to the baseband processing unit. In the transmit direction, it is responsible for receiving signals from the baseband processing unit and processing them for transmission through the antenna. Each AAU3240 can support 1 sector, corresponding to supporting FA band 20M+15C, D band 3X20M.

AAU3240 solves the problem that the traditional RRU site is difficult to obtain. By integrating the antenna, the module comes with a beautification function, which solves the problems of installation and maintenance and fixing difficulties, low engineering safety, large wind load, low environmental adaptability, and special reinforcement treatment. Can be used in a variety of outdoor coverage scenarios.


Size                                      750mm × φ150mm

Full weight                            <15kg

Power supply                         220V AC or -48V DC

Temperature environment       —20°C—+50°C

Moderate environment            5% RH~95% RH

GPRI                                     supports 2.4576Gbps, 4.9152Gbps, 9.8304Gbit/s